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We are dedicated to cleanliness! 


In our foot spas we drain, flush and clean our basin with disinfectant and sanitizer. Every day we flush, remove, wash, disenfect, sanitize and clean with soap and hot water for 30 minutes. Followed by a complete rinse and drain.




OPI nail lacquers are known for their long lasting colors. With fun, fantastic colors, OPI has been creating knockout collections for nails that take colors to the global dimension. OPI nail lacquer is always fresh, sexy and exclusive! Sophia's prides itself on always having all the latest and greatest colors!


With the Sophia's exclusive paraffin treatment your feet are first dipped into comfortably hot wax containing lanolin, aloe vera, vitamin A & E for treating intensively dry, cracking and flaky skin. Next, your feet are wrapped in a fluffy towel to allow the hot wax to penetrate skin one step further than lotion. Resulting in dramatically beautiful healthy soft skin. Book yours today!

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